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Google Fred Update Causes Massive Ranking Fluctuation

As usually, nobody knew when the new update was going to be released. The new Google Fred Update, that we unexpectedly discovered early in the morning on 8th of March, has totally shaken the world of SEO. The webmaster community and SEO specialists find it pretty big, and they are surely right. After exploring many sites affected by this unexpected update, almost 97% of them have two common features. All these web-sites are content-oriented, some of them have blog formats or other similar content of not such a high quality, and they are all rather heavy. Eventually, it seems that the reason why the majority of them were designedis to generate AdSense or other online advertising without aiming as much at benefiting the average user.

Over and over again Google didn't want or even categorically refused to provide any information regarding when there was going to be a new update. This is something that has always been a great issue to discuss in the world of SEO. Nobody knew when they were going to update their algorithms or whether they were ever going to do it on an ongoing basis, rather than having different launch dates for certain changes. It's easy to see why this is maybe a good idea, if to think of the Google's good hidden intention. It keeps everyone not knowing and therefore guessing and, as a result, working on improvement of their SEO techniques instead ofkeeping their minds busy preparing for the next update.

The assumptions about the new Google update appeared instantly and became hot topics on different forums. And, as it already used to happen before, the suggested new algorithm was given a name and a cute face. Obviously, the name here is Fred and, considering Google's tradition to use all kinds of cute animals and cartoon heroes to represent their updates, this time we are most likely dealing witha fish.

The update caused a lot of noise among webmasters and professionals in the field of SEO. Almost all of them were sadly surprised noticing a massive drop in their ratings. And since "coincidence" does not seem to be applicable to any situation somehow related to Google and its updates, looks like Fred carries all the responsibility for the lost ranks. With the appearance of the great update, webmasters face lots of challenges, which is still being a widely discussed issue in many forums, including Black Hat World, where the most pro-active speakers and participants were shocked by this breaking news.

The web-sites hit by the update experienced extreme downturns in organic traffic during one night only. Users were sharing screenshots of analytics to prove it. So it was a really big decline, and for some of them, up to 90% of the traffic simply disappeared. However, many people argue that all the web-sites that were hit by this update, provide extremely low content and that it's even good for them to have this kind of crush because it will probably make them work harder on the quality of their content.

In fact, some of these webmasters who reported a significant recovery told that they had deleted their ads. Some people can now assume that Fred was not really a breakthrough, but most likely this time much more web-sites were influenced by it than it had happened before. Perhaps there were a lot of smaller versions of this great update, some of which were not announced, and nobody even knew there was any kind of change.

While getting criticized so much among average webmasters, there are also users who expressed their excitement and total satisfaction with the update. They consider it to be a huge step towards overall improvement and making Internet content better. If we try to judge objectively, these conclusions make sense. While owners of the affected sites are challenged by tons of work they will have to do in order to bring their content to a higher level, many SEO specialists find it an essential part of the progress.

Every time you are trying to assume anything regarding Google's new releases, people will most likely find you funny. It really goes this way that whenever someone assumes that he has exposed a new algorithm update, he always ends up feeling like he's in a psychological thriller where everything is bound to go exactly the opposite way and never the way you expected it to go.